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Dawn Macey

Chief Marketing Officer

Cove Communities UK 

Dawn and I have worked together for over 10 years. Dawn was my first Head of Marketing and recruited me into Haven when I was 22. She has given me some fantastic opportunities to develop and grow my digital career. 


Dawn was also the person who invited me back to Haven in 2016  when she was the CMO at Haven, to build the new Haven App and the Choose Your Holiday Home products.


Dawn also asked me to support her with the Team GB partnership where we had a lot of fun working with Denise Lewis.

Dawn continues to be a mentor to me both personally and professionally.

  • Lauren is very good at absorbing new ways of working and is always willing and enthusiastic about learning something new and also researching and keeping up-to-date on business trends and developments.

  • As a leader I have always trusted and admired Lauren’s ability to manage, collaborate and support any area of the business required.    Lauren is very articulate, manages conflict in a positive way and takes on board peers and leaders points of view whilst at the same time laying out to these individuals perhaps different ways of solving a challenge which is appreciated by all

  • Lauren was particularly competent in the organisation. Lauren has also been instrumental in the interpretation and guidance from all the Government’s Covid papers which has been no mean feat and to then disseminate that into instruction and guidance that the teams can use when running the business.

  • Lauren has always put her heart and soul into additional learning outside of work.  She completed project management courses independently as she knew this would help her in the future.

Brian Beech

Former CEO

Havas London

Brian and I worked together during my time at Havas London. 

He was single handedly the reason why I was as successful in that role as I was, he gave me huge support as my line manager, mentor, and boss. 

Brian taught me a huge amount about how to bring the clients in the door, how to keep and win their work, as well as making sure we collaborated across teams to do fantastic work we could be really proud of. 

Brian remains a mentor to me personally and professionally. 

  • I knew Lauren Stewart professionally for 10 years in my position as CEO of Havas PR and personally as a much valued friend when I retired.

  • Lauren was an integral part of building the Social Media department during her time at Havas London, part of one of the world’s largest communications groups.  She won many new clients and scaled the department's social capability, creating award winning national and international work. 

  • Her skillset also meant that social and digital at Havas London was integrated in a way that it hadn't been previously, meaning that the company could offer blue chip clients such as Chivas and Rimmel a full-service offering.  Under Lauren’s direction, this lead to her team delivering some really impactful integrated digital and social campaigns. 

  • Lauren is a great team player, who earned the respect of clients and colleagues alike.  She has a real understanding of how to make digital strategies come to life and how to provide tangible, cost effective results.

  • She would be an asset to any company and I have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending her for employment.  And in addition to all her professional capabilities, she is also a throughly nice person

Graham Plant

Former Operations Director


Graham was one of the first Operations Director I have ever worked with and taught me the importance of ensuring that in an increasingly digital world, we keep the guest and the team at the heart of product building.


Graham taught me about the importance of maintaining the culture, and team centric nature to your work at all times.


Graham has been hugely supportive to me to ensure all the products and projects I have delivered.

  • I have worked with Lauren for over 10 years and it has always been a great pleasure working with her.

  • Lauren has many characteristics that lead to excellent all round delivery of her products and projects and always keeps the customer at the heart of what she does.

  • Lauren is an excellent communicator, able to negotiate, support and challenge at all levels. She is well respected out on Parks as well as by the Central Team, this extends across all the Bourne Leisure brands. She is especially skilled at project management able to manage challenging situations in a timely fashion to a successful outcome.

  • Lauren always lives our values and is an advocate and role model for our culture. Based on this she adopts a coaching approach with significant contribution as a Pioneer presenting to groups.

  • (In a nutshell – she’s bloody brilliant!) 

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